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Family portraits don’t come around every day! Here’s what to look for in a family photographer, so you can make the most of your special photos! What to Look for in a Family Photographer: Why It Matters I once had a phone call with a woman who told me this story. She knew she wanted […]

What To Look For In A Family Photographer: A mom embraces her toddler son in a beautiful desert backdrop.

So it’s time to take fresh family photos! But where to even begin? A good starting point is deciding whether you should you take your next family portraits in studio or outdoors. Obvious disclaimer here: as an outdoor photographer, I am clearly biased in favor of outdoor portraits. But hey, there may be a time […]

Family portraits in studio or outdoor? My vote is for outdoor. Black and white photo of a little girl playing in the dirt with her father's hand gently brushing her hair back.

As an outdoor photographer, I spend most of my time out on trails. Trail safety is top of my list when it comes to client work. In this post, let’s cover some basic hiking safety tips for beginners, courtesy of my friends Zoe and Kelby over at The Adventure Addicts. Even if you’re not new […]

Hiking safety tips for beginners: a guest blog by Zoe and Kelby featured here on their own adventure photo session in Sedona.

Are you an adventurous soul looking for more places to explore? If you happen to live in the southwest or traveling through the area, you’re in luck, because there are many many hidden gems in Arizona! There are several beautiful lakes, national parks like the Grand Canyon, mountain ranges, and campgrounds that will entice you […]

iconic mountains at sunset, Lost Dutchman State Park

After a session is all said and done, where will your photos live? Let’s talk ways to display photos, and answer everyone’s burning question: what the heck is a folio box?   How Not to Print Photos   If you’ve ever thought about printing your most meaningful photos, you probably sat down at the computer […]

profile view of couple sitting on rock with man's arm around woman's waist

Can you even remember a day when you didn’t have a computer/phone/camera in your pocket? Over the years, cell phones have become our mainstay and have totally reshaped our worlds. Are these changes good or bad in terms of how we take photos?  Let’s dive into that a bit more.   There’s No Doubt; Cell Phone […]

little girl in pink dress gets a piggy back ride from her dad outdoors

As a photographer, we’re trained to see things differently. When we place subjects into a frame, we’re looking for more than a pretty background. We’re looking at lighting, the surrounding area, and anything that could distract from the subjects. The sole focus of portraits, after all, should be you.  Still, glaring distractions are super common. […]

Couple walking in Joshua Tree Park with arms wrapped around each other.

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of photos everywhere. On your phone, on your desktop, on your hard drive; oh, and then there’s your old laptop and cellphone from “before iCloud” that you know you have some photos on that you really need to do something with…. Yikes. How to organize all […]

husband and wife embracing with a kiss at the beach at sunset

Here’s a trick that will never fail you; ask an expert what their favorite is. I’m talking from anything from the server at a restaurant to your neighborhood butcher. You get the best scoops from people who know what is best! So, doesn’t it make sense that when you want some amazing adventure photos of […]

I want to share my secret sauce for photos you love, and that’s your Style and Concept Consultation. Read on to find out what you can expect at your Pre-Session Consult!   Photo Sessions are an Investment   I don’t take lightly that you’ve chosen me to photograph you, so my role is to make […]

black and white image of young toddler boy looking straight into camera