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Let’s break down candid vs. posed photos. What are they? And which one is right for your next photo session?   But first, a flashback…   Remember those awful school photos they used to make us take? The ones with world globes, lasers, or American flags in the background? Or the ones where they had […]

Candid vs. Posed Photos: Candid photos pack a punch. Husband and wife kiss in a black and white photo.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to print quality photos? Take a look at these common mistakes people make when printing photos, so you can print your photos just like the pros. In this digital world, we very often see people invest in professional portraits but then their photos are only displayed on digital […]

Photo retouching doesn’t have to mean fake looking. The goal with my retouching is twofold—to minimize distractions and bring out the person’s best, while keeping an authentic feel to the image itself. Each image is individualized, but there are 5 common adjustments I make across the board when I’m retouching photos. 5 Pro Tips for […]

portrait of a young woman wearing a sunhat

Sometimes when you go to post a photo, it looks really bad. Listing a few reasons why photos look different online and how you can fix them! 3 Reasons Why Photos Look Different Online   If you’ve ever had a photo that you truly love, you may have tried to share it with the world. […]

I take your safety and wellbeing seriously. That’s why I are carefully following guidelines and recommendations regarding Covid-19.   How do I make photography sessions safer?   I’ve been vaccinated for your safety and mine. I have and will continue to photograph primarily outdoors- it’s excellent ventilation! I also wear a face mask and maintain […]

Discussing the importance of printing photos and how printed photographs spark feelings when you see them on display in your home. Your session adventure is complete. Your images have been lovingly retouched. You have a beautiful collection of sentimental moments and special connections. Do you really want them sitting in a dusty computer file folder? […]

Let’s talk about camera shyness and how to overcome it. Photography is for the camera shy people too, and I’m here to tell you why! Lots of people may be carrying around the label “camera shy.” Perhaps they’ve never scheduled a session, or they avoid looking at the camera. I think photography can still be […]

Want to hire a photographer but have your doubts about being photogenic? There are many people out there who struggle with being confident in front of the camera. So I’m sharing four ways that you can build camera confidence before your photo session—and expect better photos as a result! Much of the photo session success […]

Location is beyond important for beautiful, candid, outdoor portraits. Location is beyond important for beautiful, candid, outdoor portraits. Instead of in town photo locations around Phoenix, here are a few reasons why you should venture outside of the city! I often get asked if I can do a photo session a little closer to home […]

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Knowing what to wear for an outdoor photo session is important! Let’s talk about how you can decide on what to wear to your photo session. What to wear to a photography session is my most frequently asked question. I get it! Figuring out what to wear is hard enough on a normal day. Add […]