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While every photo I include in your final gallery is fully edited, I go even more in-depth with master retouching for larger wall art. This ensures that every square inch is absolutely perfect before it is ordered. Why? Because when you print big, the smallest detail becomes a LOT more distracting! Retouching may conjure up […]

Sometimes when you go to post a photo only, it just looks plain BAD. Here, I’m listing a few reasons why photos look different online, and how you can fix them!   3 Reasons Why Photos Look Different Online   If you’ve ever had a photo that you truly love, you may have tried to […]

Your family photo session is complete. Your images have been carefully edited. You have a beautiful collection of sentimental moments and special connections. Do you really want them sitting in a dusty computer file folder? Or buried in an already overloaded social media feed? There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting digital files. But when we […]

Let’s talk about camera shyness and how to overcome it. Photography is for the camera shy people too, and I’m here to tell you why! Lots of people may be carrying around the label “camera shy.” Perhaps they’ve never scheduled a session, or they avoid looking at the camera. I think photography can still be […]

Want to hire a photographer but have your doubts about being photogenic? There are many people out there who struggle with being confident in front of the camera. So I’m sharing four ways that you can build camera confidence before your photo session—and expect better photos as a result! Much of the photo session success […]

What to wear for a family photo session is my most asked question! Let’s talk about how you can easily find photo worthy outfits you love.   Hey, I get it! Figuring out what to wear is hard enough on a normal day. Add the extra stress of a photo session, and a simple outfit […]

Here I’m sharing a few tips on how to prepare for your family portrait session. Keep these in mind for session day and make your family photos as magical as possible!   5 Ways to Prepare for a Family Portrait Session   Family photography sessions may be few and far between. To make your session […]

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