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Can you even remember a day when you didn’t have a computer/phone/camera in your pocket? Over the years, cell phones have become our mainstay and have totally reshaped our worlds. Are these changes good or bad in terms of how we take photos?  Let’s dive into that a bit more.   There’s No Doubt; Cell Phone […]

little girl in pink dress gets a piggy back ride from her dad outdoors

As a photographer, we’re trained to see things differently. When we place subjects into a frame, we’re looking for more than a pretty background. We’re looking at lighting, the surrounding area, and anything that could distract from the subjects. The sole focus of portraits, after all, should be you.  Still, glaring distractions are super common. […]

Couple walking in Joshua Tree Park with arms wrapped around each other.

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of photos everywhere. On your phone, on your desktop, on your hard drive; oh, and then there’s your old laptop and cellphone from “before iCloud” that you know you have some photos on that you really need to do something with…. Yikes. How to organize all […]

husband and wife embracing with a kiss at the beach at sunset

Let’s break down candid vs. posed photos. What are they? And which one is right for your next photo session?   But first, a flashback…   Remember those awful school photos they used to make us take? The ones with world globes, lasers, or American flags in the background? Or the ones where they had […]

Candid vs. Posed Photos: Candid photos pack a punch. Husband and wife kiss in a black and white photo.

Sometimes when you go to post a photo, it looks really bad. Listing a few reasons why photos look different online and how you can fix them! 3 Reasons Why Photos Look Different Online   If you’ve ever had a photo that you truly love, you may have tried to share it with the world. […]

Let’s talk about camera shyness and how to overcome it. Photography is for the camera shy people too, and I’m here to tell you why! Lots of people may be carrying around the label “camera shy.” Perhaps they’ve never scheduled a session, or they avoid looking at the camera. I think photography can still be […]

Location is everything in photography, especially outdoor portrait photography. Unfortunately, it can be ridiculously hard to find a reliably decent spot that isn’t already overcrowded. Here are some things to consider when scouting for your next special spot. It’s important to choose a spot that you love so you can have more confidence in front […]

woman standing near Salt River

Sharing recommendations on the best times to schedule outdoor photoshoots around Phoenix, Arizona. Good to know if you want natural lighting! 3 Best Times to Schedule Outdoor Photoshoots   As long as there is some kind of light (and sometimes, even when there’s not!) you can capture incredible photos. Depending on what you’re going for […]