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Are you an adventurous soul looking for more places to explore? If you happen to live in the southwest or traveling through the area, you’re in luck, because there are many many hidden gems in Arizona! There are several beautiful lakes, national parks like the Grand Canyon, mountain ranges, and campgrounds that will entice you […]

iconic mountains at sunset, Lost Dutchman State Park

Here’s a trick that will never fail you; ask an expert what their favorite is. I’m talking from anything from the server at a restaurant to your neighborhood butcher. You get the best scoops from people who know what is best! So, doesn’t it make sense that when you want some amazing adventure photos of […]

Location is beyond important for beautiful, candid, outdoor portraits. Location is beyond important for beautiful, candid, outdoor portraits. Instead of in town photo locations around Phoenix, here are a few reasons why you should venture outside of the city! I often get asked if I can do a photo session a little closer to home […]

a woman stands on a dirt road with a mountain in the distance

Location is everything in photography, especially outdoor portrait photography. Unfortunately, it can be ridiculously hard to find a reliably decent spot that isn’t already overcrowded. Here are some things to consider when scouting for your next special spot. It’s important to choose a spot that you love so you can have more confidence in front […]

woman standing near Salt River