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After a session is all said and done, where will your photos live? Let’s talk ways to display photos, and answer everyone’s burning question: what the heck is a folio box?   How Not to Print Photos   If you’ve ever thought about printing your most meaningful photos, you probably sat down at the computer […]

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to print quality photos? Take a look at these common mistakes people make when printing photos, so you can print your photos just like the pros. In this digital world, we very often see people invest in professional portraits but then their photos are only displayed on digital […]

Photo retouching doesn’t have to mean fake looking. The goal with my retouching is twofold—to minimize distractions and bring out the person’s best, while keeping an authentic feel to the image itself. Each image is individualized, but there are 5 common adjustments I make across the board when I’m retouching photos. 5 Pro Tips for […]

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Sometimes when you go to post a photo, it looks really bad. Listing a few reasons why photos look different online and how you can fix them! 3 Reasons Why Photos Look Different Online   If you’ve ever had a photo that you truly love, you may have tried to share it with the world. […]

Discussing the importance of printing photos and how printed photographs spark feelings when you see them on display in your home. Your session adventure is complete. Your images have been lovingly retouched. You have a beautiful collection of sentimental moments and special connections. Do you really want them sitting in a dusty computer file folder? […]