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So you’ve decided you want the cozy, candid feeling of in-home family photos. Awesome! Now it’s time to think about what kind of activities you want to capture. Why? When a photo session is anchored by one or two activities, it keeps the action going! That way, you’ll get more interesting photos and a wider […]

Family portraits don’t come around every day! Here’s what to look for in a family photographer, so you can make the most of your special photos! What to Look for in a Family Photographer: Why It Matters I once had a phone call with a woman who told me this story. She knew she wanted […]

So it’s time to take fresh family photos! But where to even begin? A good starting point is deciding whether you should you take your next family portraits in home, or in studio. Obvious disclaimer here: as an in-home photographer, I am clearly biased in favor of in-home portraits. But hey, there may be a […]

After a session is all said and done, where will your photos live? Let’s talk ways to display photos, and answer everyone’s burning question: what the heck is a folio box?   How Not to Print Photos   If you’ve ever thought about printing your most meaningful photos, you probably sat down at the computer […]

I want to share my secret sauce for photos you love, and that’s your Pre-Session Consultation. Read on to find out what you can expect!   Photo Sessions are an Investment   I don’t take lightly that you’ve chosen me to photograph you, so my role is to make sure that I am using all […]

Let’s talk about camera shyness and how to overcome it. Photography is for the camera shy people too, and I’m here to tell you why! Lots of people may be carrying around the label “camera shy.” Perhaps they’ve never scheduled a session, or they avoid looking at the camera. I think photography can still be […]

Want to hire a photographer but have your doubts about being photogenic? There are many people out there who struggle with being confident in front of the camera. So I’m sharing four ways that you can build camera confidence before your photo session—and expect better photos as a result! Much of the photo session success […]

What to wear for a family photo session is my most asked question! Let’s talk about how you can easily find photo worthy outfits you love.   Hey, I get it! Figuring out what to wear is hard enough on a normal day. Add the extra stress of a photo session, and a simple outfit […]

Here I’m sharing a few tips on how to prepare for your family portrait session. Keep these in mind for session day and make your family photos as magical as possible!   5 Ways to Prepare for a Family Portrait Session   Family photography sessions may be few and far between. To make your session […]

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