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The Importance of Printing Photos

Discussing the importance of printing photos and how printed photographs spark feelings when you see them on display in your home.

father and daughter holding hands while walking in White Tank Regional Park

Your session adventure is complete. Your images have been lovingly retouched. You have a beautiful collection of sentimental moments and special connections. Do you really want them sitting in a dusty computer file folder? Or buried in an already overloaded social media feed?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting digital files. But when we stop at digital-only, we are missing out on what your custom art has to offer.

Photos on display do something that digital files cannot do—spark feelings.

For me, the framed photos of my babies are a reminder of how much they’ve grown and how precious our time together is. Albums of my childhood are a perfect comfort whenever I start missing my dad, or when the kids ask questions about him.

These are just a couple of examples from around my own home. I imagine you have a few favorites in yours as well! Think about how these make you feel. Then consider how different it would be if that image only existed digitally.

It doesn’t quite matter so much what form your printed images take. It’s the fact that they have a physical presence in your home that matters. Your home is a collection of things that hold value and meaning to you. Your images should be part of that. The heirloom-quality of my prints means your loved ones can enjoy these images decades down the road too.

Things we can see, hold, and touch are inarguably more impactful. The emotional impact is what I suspect most people are really after when they hire a photographer like me in the first place.

So don’t sell yourself short with just digitals.

Have the digitals, sure! But please—see for yourself what prints can do for you.


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