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What the Heck is a Folio Box? And Other Ways to Display Photos

After a session is all said and done, where will your photos live? Let’s talk ways to display photos, and answer everyone’s burning question: what the heck is a folio box?


How Not to Print Photos


If you’ve ever thought about printing your most meaningful photos, you probably sat down at the computer and start searching online for ideas. Fast forward three hours and you’re overwhelmed looking through the endless options, styles, and who knows what kind of quality those cheap frames are. Maybe you put off printing until next month. Maybe they don’t get printed at all.

The internet is great for some things. Looking up directions, checking the weather- have at it! But when it comes to family heirlooms, the internet gets a little dicier. Let me do you a favor and simplify the print process.

Below I’ll share the things I look for in products, as well as the things I try to avoid. And I’ll review my three most popular options for displaying images in your home: what they are, what they’re best for, and why you’ll want your images in them.


General Guidelines for Great Prints


I’ve written previously about why you should strongly consider professional print labs over consumer print labs. If you’re still not sold, check out this comparison!

Regardless of where you print, the materials that come in contact with prints can be make or break. That rustic wooden box or glass frame may look cute, but they may not be the best bet long term.



Watch out for any products where wood comes in direct contact with prints. Wood is slightly acidic, and the acid can damage prints over long periods of time. If you want a wood product, look for one with a liner made from another material.



Paper and water don’t mix. Same goes for humidity and printed photos. This is why we have to use caution with any frames where the glass directly touches the print. Humidity levels change over time and extra moisture can become trapped inside any frame. In these situations, prints on glass can get stuck and permanently damage your image.

Think about all of the time and energy that went into your custom photo session. Do you really want prints that can’t stand up to sunlight, start to peel, or have funky colors? No one wants to reminisce over damaged photos!


Vetted Products for Printed Photos


I want to make sure you’re getting heirloom quality- not hot mess. That’s why I’ve done all the homework, ordered tons of products, and tested them out myself. If you’re wanting prints or products, look no further!



Albums are one of my favorite ways to display photos from in-home family photo sessions. I approach photography from a storytelling perspective, and books are a natural fit!

My albums have linen, velvet and leather cover options, with beautiful cover detailing. They’re attractive, durable, and easy to clean- perfect for pulling off the bookshelf or coffee table to reminiscing with the friends or the kids.


What the Heck is a Folio Box?

A portfolio box (folio box for short) is a wonderful way to store and protect the most precious images you have. They can be a great album alternative. Where albums are photos bound together in a book, portfolio boxes feature loose prints (usually matted) nestled in a box for safekeeping. Not only do the mattes protect the image, but the box itself does as well.

There are different shapes, sizes and materials like fabric, leather, and wood. My go to portfolio boxes feature beautiful grain wood with a glass cover. This instantly makes for a very attractive, very durable display and storage solution in one.


Wall Art

Using your images to decorate the walls of your home is a sure fire way to never forget your family photo session. Wall art can come in many different sizes and frames, but no matter what it will always catch your eye.

Not only can I save you hours at your computer again, I do all the work for you! From matching your home decor, designing for the space (whether one piece or a collection), and even installing it for you – wall art doesn’t get any easier than this.

Now isn’t that better than sitting on search engines all day?


From custom consultation to relaxed in-home photo session to final products in hand, you can have perfectly retouched, resized, installed, designed and done for you prints.

Haven’t booked your session yet? Reach out to get started here!

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