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Why Those In Town Locations Aren’t Cutting It

Location is beyond important for beautiful, candid, outdoor portraits. Location is beyond important for beautiful, candid, outdoor portraits. Instead of in town photo locations around Phoenix, here are a few reasons why you should venture outside of the city!

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I often get asked if I can do a photo session a little closer to home or work. I get it! Life is busy, and we want to fit photos in. But there are several problems with photographing in town, and why I insist on venturing a little farther out for a better photo session.


Unwanted Distractions


Buildings, trashcans, streetlights, construction cones. I have photographed around all these things and more. Sure, some things can be photoshopped out, but a construction zone or busy street isn’t where I want your loved ones running around.

Just say no to eye sores in your heirloom photos.


Public Displays of Affection


I don’t know how you feel about making out or getting silly in front of an audience, but most people clam up whether they realize it or not.

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To fully get in the photography mood, let’s get away from the crowd. There you are able to just be yourself, without any strange looks.


Au Naturale


Phoenix does a great job generally speaking of maintaining parks, trailheads, and recreational areas. But I’ve traveled enough to know that what’s available in town is just not as healthy or pristine as when you head to the outskirts.

The cacti are healthier, the wildflowers pristine, the grassless manicured. There’s less trash, less graffiti.

Being closer to the best of nature’s beauty does special things—not just for the images but also for the interactions.


Other People


Not only are in-town parks teeming with people, but they’re also teeming with photographers. I want to be able to make a continuous stream of photographs to document your adventure—not hit pause to take turns with another family, or to let a dog walker pass by in the background.

These special photographs are not ones you want to be photobombed, believe me. We can easily drive a few more miles out of town and have the whole place to ourselves.


Limited Movement


Even when you do luck out and have a beautiful, secluded space in the middle of town, you’ll quickly find that you’re limited with what you can do there.

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For example, buildings may block the sky to the west, so you can only take photos in the other direction. Maybe this works for some photographers, but I like variety and adventure too much to be confined to too small space.

Really it boils down to what you are looking for in your images. If you just need one posed image for your holiday card, you can go anywhere and hire anyone. But if you want to go on an adventure worth capturing, then fill up the tank and head for the horizon.

To convey adventure, you can’t fake it. Go on one!


Is Adventure Photography Right for You?


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